Our current product family consists of two lines of products. The CastOn™ line of wireless sharing software includesCastOn DLNA/UPNP remote & player, CastOn Wifi Keyboard and CastPDF, etc. The vBunny™ line of TV extension devices includes vBunny Link and vBunny OTT Box.

The core of our wireless sharing technology is the industrial standard UPNP and DLNA. These are protocols for electronic devices to discover and communicate with each other without human intervention.  There are many interesting applications that are built upon the technology. The most familiar ones probably are video and photo sharing between phone and TV. Pretty soon we will see remote control of home appliance, security monitoring, smart energy management, and interactive classroom applications that are based on the technology. The possibility is endless.

We are specialized in building custom UPNP/DLNA applications to the client's specification. We have a highly focused research and development team that is battle proven to deliver, and deliver on time to help our client shorten time to market and reduce development risk with applications with an embedded UPNP/DLNA component.

Building Appplications to Your Specification

OnePlus Smartware

Oneplus Smartware develops mobile applications for home and business. Our product includes wireless casting software, smart TV extensions, and remote control applications. In addition,​ we provide consulting services and customized solutions for commercial customers.