vBunny Link is a thumb-sized device that plugs into a TV’s HDMI port and bridges the TV to smart phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, allowing  you to cast contents onto the big TV screen without a wire. vBunny Link has the brain to understand all popular A/V formats and interact with most mobile devices. One can easily share music, videos, photos, and even web pages on TV regardless whether it is stored in the Smartphone, or found from the Internet. In addition, equipped with a powerful ARM CPU core, it instantly upgrades your TV to a play & work station for online A/V, games, email and video conference. Running on only one watt of electricity, this little genie is proof that smaller is better!

OnePlus Smartware

CastOn Remote & Player: is our media sharing solution that is UPNP/DLNA compliant. The remote is an application for a smartphone or tablet to cast video, audio and photos onto a TV via Wi-Fi.  The application also has a browser interface that works with contents from the web. It is a very versatile tool to share contents between smartphone/tablet and TV. The player is a UPNP-compatible media renderer for TV or set-top boxes. In addition to the normal DLNA/UPNP features, this player also implements the DIAL protocol so that one can cast a web page to the TV and remotely operates the web page.
CastOn Wi-Fi Keyboard: is a remote keyboard using Wi-Fi. The keyboard works seamlessly with CastOn Remte & Player even though it would also function stand-alone. The keyboard features arrow keys for cursor movement, media keys for playback control and text input via the soft keyboard on smartphone or tablet. It is not only a remote control for the smart TV or set-top box, but also a touch screen keyboard for text input to the TV screen. Coupled with CastOn Remote & Player, the Wi-Fi keyboard closes the loop for a complete remote (smart) control solution for smart TV.
Pocket GPS Genie is a GPS tracking and emergency assistant application. Unlike most other GPS tracking applications, Pocket GPS genie is a phone-to-phone application that is not tied to backend server. It allows your designated guardian to track your location, monitor your speed, and distance travelled, etc. Alarm text and email messages will be sent to the guardian when any tracking parameter is detected over the limit. GPS genie also has a protective safe zone feature that allows you to move freely with privacy within the zone. In emergency, GPS genie has a panic button that sends out a distress message to your emergency contact with one-touch, or alternatively you may keep pressing the volume up down button to trigger the panic sequence. The panic sequence may include flashing the SOS code and sounding the rescue siren. More...